Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 16 - Shortening a Document's Long Sharing Link

In yesterday's tip, we learned how to make a Google Document public and how to get a link to share with others. While the link works well, it can be a little long, especially if you want to post it on a webpage or blog.

Google has an url shortener that you can use to take the gigantic sharing link for a Document and shorten it into something more manageable. I use it all the time when I share Google Documents, especially when I create Google Forms. The Google url shortener also collects some basic statistics about who how many people click your short link. It even let's you create QR codes for a link!

Here's how to use it:
  1. Copy the URL/link of the shared Document. You can always find the URL/link by clicking on the "Share" button
  2. Go to the Google url shortener at
  3. Check the upper right corner of the page and make sure that you are signed into your Google account
  4. Paste the long URL/address/link into the box and click "Shorten URL"
  5. A short link will be created to the right. You can copy it and use it in place of the old long URL/address/link
  6. The Google url shortener also keeps a history of all the short links that you create. You can go back and find them at any time
  7. If you click the "Details" link next to a link, you will find some basic statistics as to how many visitors have clicked on the link, as well as a QR code that you can use to direct people to the link

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